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Sylvain Cardinal
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Sylvain Cardinal has been directing weekend workshops and seminars on trigger point intramuscular needling throughout the province of Québec (Canada) since the late 90's. His collaboration with Serge Lapointe, who is also a physical therapist, has resulted in a more thorough course which includes orthopedic evaluation. The course is mainly designed to help the certified acupuncturist deal with patients who have musculoskeletal disorders, conditions quite common in the practice of acupuncture. These training programs have been made possible because of the collaboration of Rosemont College (Montreal, Canada), the only institution authorised to provide graduate acupuncture training in the province of Québec.

Sylvain Cardinal became interested in patient evaluation within an orthopaedic framework after completing a three-month training program at the Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1988. From then on, he developed a growing interest in the integration of the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the more scientific concepts of Occidental Medicine, a natural development considering his scientific background (biochemistry,UQAM, 1985, Montreal, Canada). Many seminars and workshops, including those of Mark Seem and the Janet Travell Seminar Series, also greatly inspired Sylvain Cardinal.

In 2002, the Rosemont College Department of Acupuncture asked Sylvain Cardinal to document the basic knowledge he acquired through his years of experience as a continuing education teacher, especially in the field of intramuscular needling of ahshi points and myofascial evaluation. With the collaboration of the Centre Collégial de Développement de Matériel Didactique (CCDMD), Sylvain Cardinal published two books. The first, “Points-détente et acupuncture, approche neurophysiologique” CCDMD, 2004, deals with the basic principles of intramuscular needling and the integration of musculoskeletal notions in acupuncture evaluation and treatment. The second, “Points-détente et acupuncture, Techniques de puncture” CCDMD, published in 2006, focuses on the specific needling technique for each muscle and the relation between the myofascial syndrome and the acupuncture framework.

Sylvain Cardinal has practised acupuncture in a private clinic in Rimouski (Canada) since his graduation from Rosemont College in 1986.

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