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Sylvain Cardinal
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“Of the numerous post-graduate courses that I have taken, the course offered by Sylvain Cardinal was admittedly the most demanding, but it has been by far the most useful to me in my practice.”

- F.R., acupuncturist

“This training has given me the tools needed to treat pain and muscular tension. A sincere thank you to Sylvain Cardinal for his patience, his expertise, and his passion.”

- M.L., acupuncturist

“This very advanced course is suitable for the acupuncturists who wish to develop a foundation in the musculoskeletal domain, as well as for those acupuncturists who wish to perfect their existing skills. Sylvain Cardinal is an excellent teacher, well-versed in the course material, and very aware of the needs of the participants.”

- E.B., acupuncturist

“This course is excellent for learning to evaluate musculoskeletal pain. We learn to base our treatment on the major trigger points associated with the pain and to insert needles with confidence. I recommend this course to all acupuncturists.”

- A. M.-B. acupuncturist

“This training has changed my professional life; it has restored my self-confidence. My patients have even noticed my degree of confidence.”

- D. D. acupuncturist

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